Help me choose: Athlon64 X2 4000+ VS Opteron 165

Hi there,

I'm intending bo buy a second hand computer (because of the very good price). I have to choose between two computers:

PC 1:
CPU: Dual-Core AMD Opteron 165 skt 939, 2*1 MB cache, 1.8 GHZ
MB: ASUS A8N SLI-32, chipset nForce 4 SLI, skt 939

PC 2:
CPU: AMD Athlon64 X2 4000+, skt AM2, 2*512 kb cache, 2.1GHZ
MB: ASUS M2N-X, chipset nForce 520, skt AM2
MEM: 1GB DDR2 667 Sycron

Please help me choose.
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  1. I personally, have to say I would go with number 2. Why? Opteron is a great chip, and supposedly overclocks well, that being said, socket 939 is on the way out, socket AM2 is newer. This means that further down the line, you can drop in a faster chip, also memory is cheaper for socket am2, for example ddr pc 6400, you can get a 1 gb stick for about 25 bucks from newegg, the older ddr ram will set you back close to 50 for a 1 gb stick.

    PC2 man, I think you would be happier, unless you intend to overclock the opteron, but even then, still limited upgradeability.
  2. Good point there....The first thing is that I don't intend to upgrade soon; just 1 GB of RAM, and maybe a 8800 GT, but that's it. On the 939 PC can't really upgrade to a better CPU...Opteron is a great chip as you said, but not so many 939 high end CPU's left out there to upgrade....and maybe impossible to get. On the AM2 PC if I would like to upgrade, I wouldn't go for an 5400+ or equivalent beacuse is not so far away from the 4000+, I would go for a high end CPU (future 7000+ or Phenom) that means that i have to change the current ASUS M2N MB and purchase a more suitable MB, no?

    So, for now, let's put these two PC's face 2 face (which I intend to choose only one of them), and let's find out wich one one them is better for the moment.

    Can you please help me to choose again? :) ....25 bucks more for a stick of 1 gb or the AM2.

    Thank you.
  3. I still say PC2, look from this perspective, Opteron 165 is the lowest opty you could get, you are talking what about an 8800 gt? I mean for right now, the opteron might give you a slight advantage, but if you upgrade, you would upgrade into old technology. I'm in that rut now. I've got a socket 939 biostar board, and a 3500 with 1 gb of pc2700. Really want to play newer games well, but it's like ok, well what do I do? Build a new am2 system or upgrade this thing? But it would be nearly 100 bucks for 2 gb of ddr ram, vs I could have a new am2 board, and memory for that price, which I am going to need to upgrade the chip anyway. For the moment, the socket 939 machine will be great, no question. But eventually you will want more. Now if you pop another gig of memory into the machine with the opty, and overclock a ways, then yeah, you would be good for a while. But down the road, you will want an upgrade, then it will be a new board, chip and it's up to you, deal with less now with PC2, or deal with it later. Although I am thinking with PC2, I would be loosing the PC667 memory and moving to pc6400 ddr2, which 2 gigs of that can be had on newegg for about 50 bucks. But you know what you will do and how long you intend to keep it.

    If you don't plan to upgrade for a while, the opty is probably better, but if you want to upgrade in the next couple years, the 2nd pc is a better choice, but with either one, if you are getting an 8800 gt, you are probably gonna want 2 gb of memory. But read up on things for that board, b/c I THINK the new AM2+ chips will work in AM2 boards, which means you might wait until am2/am2+ is going out then get that high end cpu.
  4. Quote:
    socket 939 is on the way out, socket AM2 is newer

    I read that you can put AMD's new quad into it. Right,Wrong? :whistle:
  5. Into socket 939? I doubt it, the fastest Athlon they made for it was a 4800+, then there are the opterons. Someone else may know more, but AM2 may support the quads.
  6. Thats what I meant. AM2 not 939. :D
  7. Ok good, I think some AM2 boards will take the quads, but not all. For full optimization, I think you need the AM2+ boards.

    Now if the op is still looking to buy. Personally, I think the opty would perform better at the moment, but myself for now I would buy the AM2 system. Because later you can still toss a nice chip and ram into it, and won't be out for a full upgrade. Plus for right now, it'll probably do more than you need it to.
  8. Phenom will work with all AM2 boards but working with the older HT not HT v3.0 in the 7 series chipset. As for PC's go for No 2 easily. As for overclocking it with a high end air cooler (about £25) i'd say you could easily get 2.5-2.6 depending on the ram you get.
  9. 5000+ Black Box FTW!
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