Upgrading my gateway p-7805u

I have a Gateway Fx - P-7805u and have some questions. I recently have been getting a BSOD error "Bad_Pool_Header". Well after purchasing and running Driver Update it appeared to fix that error. Well, after that I started having issues with unresponsive programs such as Windows Media Player (which would not shut down, even with Task Manager) and Internet Explorer as well as some flash based games that I play and various other programs. So I System restored back to before I ran Driver Update and then thinking it was my graphics card driver and updated it and I was back to the BSOD. I System Restored again back to before I changed the graphics card driver and purchased and ran Uniblue Registry Booster which so far seems to have conquered the BSOD issue, but I am back to the various unresponsive program issues. I was wondering what might be a complete fix? Would it just simply be best to purchase windows 7 and wipe the hardrive and start over?
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  1. If I were in your position, I'd backup anything vital and restore it back to factory condition so you do not have to buy W7. There should either be a CD that came with your PC or if not, there should be a recovery partition on it that you can use by holding down 0 while pressing the power button. However, if you want to buy W7, go right a head, as that option will work just as well.
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