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hey guys, well for a while now I have been fixing computers as a side job and I would like to be more efficient by being able to diagnose hardware without even booting into the OS. I have a pretty good success rate with my customers, only one out of about 85 I couldnt fix or diagnose to tell them what needs replaced and that one I couldn't fix was simply because I couldn't take apart an old badly made Toshiba laptop.

I do anything from making computers faster, replacing software with things that will run better on slower systems, installing performance editions of OS's, turning off features and start up items in msconfig, back up, recovery, TIM replacement, pretty much anything that my customers need I can do.

I'm looking for software to speed up systems, speed up web surfing, general maintenance, hardware diagnostics (preferably USB boot able), etc. basically looking for anything that is useful or better than what I use.

some programs I use are: 7-zip, activeSMART 2.9, ccleaner, virtual clonedrive (similar to daemon tools), paragon partition manager 11, TCP optimizer, hwmonitor, 3rvx (volume controller).

one thing that I know how to do but I'd like to run simple software instead is granting access to a locked hard drive. I currently just do so with the command prompt. I take out customers HDDs and stick them in my computer and copy the contents on my 2tb drive, then I do a multi zero pass format (I'd like software for that also) install the OS in there computer then stick it back in mine to copy all their files back on it.

it is faster to just stick them in my computer than copying to DVDs, thumb drives or an external HDD in their computer.

looking for the best of the best of whatever you can think of even if it doesn't relate to fixing computers
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  1. your job really too hard but software that i used for fixing purpose is norton 360 it have a big number for speedup and scanning
    easyus partition master for partition a harddrive
    and you can also use a kaspersky bootable usb.
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