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I'm going to build my first SATA only computer. I'm going to have 2 SATA hard drives and 1 SATA DVDrw. I remember when I used to build a computer I had to figure out the Slave/Master and tinker with the jumper setting of the drives. Does this still apply in the world of SATA? or is it basically just plug and play?
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  1. Unless I've been doing it wrong, it's plug and play. I remember those days also. With my last 2 builds I havent had to worry about that.
  2. Things are just getting too easy now. So, basically if I just have to set my OS drive to boot first and I'm set?
  3. correct. master/slave was needed on pata because you had 2 devices on the same cable (and bus) and there need to be a way of establishing priority.
  4. dont instal the raid drivers unless you want raid. you'll only be back wondering why your system wont post.
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