Will this work? TV OUT + 2-DVI

Hello All,

I searched to see if this question has been asked and I didn't find it - So I apologize if this issue has been addressed in the past.

The system described in my computer description is used as an NLE Video editing System - It works flawlessly... What I want to do, and I'm wondering if this will work, is presently the system has two, 19" DVI monitors, both work flawlessly as well... I noticed recently that this card (eVGA 6600GT) also has a TV out port... Which of course makes me want to use it... Can I drive 2-DVI Monitors, PLUS use the TV OUT port to a television (preview TV)...

Has anyone tried this, and does it work, or am I setting myself up for pain and torment?

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  1. I'm fairly sure that it can't be done on most graphic cards as they are mainly 'dual head' cards, meaning that they can only drive up to 2 displays at once.

    To get all 3 going, you'd need a different card from the likes of Matrox or whoever else offers that capability.
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