MSI P35 Q6600 build - BSOD on XP install

Hi, lookin for help pls.
Just built 2 systems, 1 for me, 1 for a mate, both identical as follows:

Msi P35 Ne0-F
Apacer RAM (2 x 1GB DDR2-800)
Antec 550W Trio
2 x Sata drives for Raid.

I have EXACTLY the same problem with both machines...
When I have booted with XP installation disk and specified raid drivers (tried 3 varieties of RAID drivers in case this was the issue) windows loads a few more files for installation then BSOD.
I tried installing XP without installing raid drivers and zackly the same thing.

Something weird I noticed in the BIOS is that the one quad core came with its multiplier set at 8 and the other set at 7, so both factory underclocked on the default 266 FSB. I cannot see any way to change the multiplier in the BIOS. I will crank more speed out of them when i get XP running but this is where I am stuck now.

I checked the manual and Q6600's have, according to MSI, been checked with this specific board.
All i can think of at this stage is that maybe its a newer stepping of the cpu and that the bios is reading it incorrectly?

... and ideas? solutions?
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  1. A bit more info:
    I have used the XP installation disc with no probs before.
    Bios reports healthy temps for both CPU & mobo chipset. (20C and 27C)
  2. If your multipliers are wrong in the BIOS send that sh.. back. I was really disappointed with the Gigabyte BIOS as well. But at least it worked.

    You might try updating the BIOS first. This of course assumes that you already defaulted the BIOS to clear any garbage that might have been present.
  3. Its late here, I have been building the rigs and trying to get them running for a while now, feeling schmackered. Will look at a bios update in the morning. Any ideas in the meantime most welcome.
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