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I wanted to have two HDs in my new build. One would be 320gb WD 7200rpm SATA hard drive for the OS and the other is a 500gb WD 7200 SATA hard drive for storage. The problem is, the 500gb one is 16mb cache and the 320gb one is 8mb cache. Now, would that reduce the performance? I want my Boot Disk to be fast for the OS. Should I get two 500gb hard disks?

Note: My motherboard is GA-P35-DS3L. Also, what is SATA2? and is it compatible with my motherboard? if yes, is it a lot faster than SATA?
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  1. You could get a single WD 750 GB disk (WD7500AAKS) because it's faster than the 320 GB and 500 GB versions and cheaper than the two together. Make a 100GB partition for the OS to keep things clean.

    GA-P35-DS3L does support SATA2. SATA2 and SATA are the same thing, i.e. the latest, 3 Gbps, version of SATA. There's also SATA 1 which had half the bandwidth, but that's not in use any more except for a few older disks and motherboards.
  2. Many recommand two disks for performance reason. For the cache size, you should not see a difference.
  3. It depends a lot on what you're doing. For example, if you have a ripped DVD on a hard disk and try to compress it, creating the compressed version on the same hard disk, performance will stink big time. Two hard drives can be very useful in scenarios like that.
  4. Agree awvm. Also, one setup is having a small partition on the second HD (4GB), FAT32 and put the Virtual Memory on it.
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