The Bios show different clock speed than cpu-Z does help!!!

I just overCLocked my amd 6000+ from 3.0ghz to 3.3ghz.. Im using 1.55v for cpu and 2.4v for ddr2 RAM my bus speed is 220. In my bios it says that im running at 3.3ghz... but on cpu-z it says my bus speed it 200 and my clock speed is 3.0ghz....WTF!! THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!!!

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  1. CPU-Z tells the truth. Your processor is probably overheating or is not able to run at the specified speed, and the motherboard is setting it to the defaults without warning you. Try setting your bus speed to 201, without voltage adjustments of any sort and reply back us your frequency measured in CPU-Z.
  2. im at work right now so i cant run home and check on anything on my computer...but the idle temps that i was getting were normal...around 40 to just dosent make any sense. Unless my voltage was set too high...I set it to 1.55 or 1.6 to start and i forget if I changed it.
  3. turned out ntune was messing everything up
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