I7 CPU on Windows XP won't Load Intel Video Driver

Here is the problem.

I have an Intel i7.
I run on XP.
I use a 3G switch in the boot.ini to extend the process space.
I user the userva=2805 option to fine tune the memory used (and give some back to the System)

The problem is that the Intel Video driver won't load now. I get a 4 bit display that looks like a pong video game.

There is no message in the eventlog stating the problem.

I cannot move to 64 bit for a while so that option is not available to me.

(Yes I know this is a 64 bit CPU running on a 32 bit OS. It is a non-standard setup)

I have tried:
- Changing the boot order
- Disabling other drivers
- Reducing the userva= to a lower value
- Tweaking the graphics (disabling some of the options in hopes it will use less memory)

It seems like either the CPU is throwing an error or has code saying it won't load with 3G.

Anybody have ideas on how to get around this?

Doe this video driver just require too much contiguous memory for a 3G setup?
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  1. Why do you think running a 32 bit OS on a 64 bit CPU is not standard? 64 bit CPUs have been around since late Pentium 4 days and I'd say 90% of installations up to Windows 7 were 32 bit and not 64, even now it's probably split 50/50.

    Just leave the settings as defaults, all those tweaks to so little to improve things you need to run a benchmark to notice a 3% difference in anything.
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