good SMALL heatsink for Q6600

I want to get a heatsink for the q6600, however I don't want it to be huge and take up to much space. The tuniq tower 120 is 6" high (and by high I mean extending perpendicular to the CPU towards the case wall). I'm looking for something closer to 4" that'll lower my CPU temp over the stock heatsink. I don't plan to OC, and am probably gonna turn in my EVGA NF68 A1 SLI 680i for a ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus 650i (plenty of problems with the 680i from dead dimm slots to MCP running to hot)

Any good 100mm high heatsinks out there?
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  1. I got 3" exhaust fans on the side panel over the cpu and the rear of the case.
  2. Umm...IDK about 100mm specifically, but the old Thermalright XP120's are supposed to be pretty good coolers that aren't that tall.
  3. Well I have a stock cooler with a thermal pad right now. If I was to apply arctic silver, how much of a temp decrease would I probably see just with the stock cooler?
  4. Well I use a Arctic freezer 7 pro, has a 92mm fan and cools fairly well. I have my Q6600 @ 3.0 ghz and it runs cool, 33-38 idle, 45-49 while gaming.(Started running a few degrees hotter lately, onlyfor me to find a feather from my pet bird stuck against the heatsink lol)

    If your not going to over clock, that will be more then enough cooling and it is pretty cheap.
  5. From a thermal pad to arctic silver....probably 2-3 degrees. It could very well be much more, but then again, it could be less. Also remember that the installation of the thermal interface material is more important than what the TIM is made of.
  6. i use the ultra-90 from thermalright since i can fine them for $20
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