WD Drives on Raid - How to run DLDIAG?

Hi all,

I recently put in raid 0 with 2 WD 10k drives through SATA. I wanted, as a point of diligence, run dldiag on them before my RMA period is over. I tried the windows version of DLDIAG and of course it can't find the drives as it is in an array. I figured I would use the CD bootable version, but that too can't find the drives. How does one run the diagnostic on RAID'd drives?

btw, using p5k-e with ICH9R RAID. Win XP.
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  1. Found this on the WD site:

    Data Lifeguard Tools 11 for DOS, Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS, or Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD) should work with Western Digital Serial ATA hard drives, as long as the software can see the drive through the Serial ATA controller in use. Some Serial ATA controllers mask the hard drives' device ID and will not allow the drive to be recognized by our software. This issue is most commonly caused by RAID controllers. If this happens, the drive should be connected to a standard Serial ATA controller to be able to use our software.

    My question is that I believe all my SATA are raid capable, so can I somehow disband the array just to run a test and then put the array back without lose of data?
  2. So, I figured it out.

    I disabled RAID in the bios and switched to IDE mode
    Booted from the DLDIAG CD
    Ran the tests
    Rebooted and set Bios back to RAID

    worked like a charm, no data loss, array is still in tact.
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