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Hey guys,
I recently downloaded the AMD Catalyst 12.4 drivers for my Radeon 6870. However, Catalyst Control Center says I am still at Catalyst 11.5. MSI Afterburner also says this. So I downloaded drivers (and installed) them again (and again) but in both programs it still says I am at 11.5. Also, I downloaded the AMD Driver Autodetect, which says my drivers are up-to-date. Now I am confused. Is there any reason for this to occur?

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  1. Possibly just a bug in Catalyst. If the driver autodetect is reporting the version you want and everything is working ok then everything is going to be fine.
  2. Well Ive been reading around it seems like others have had this problem as well. I am worried that this problem may be causing my Skyrim to crash my computer into a shutdown state. (Although it could be something else entirely still trying to troubleshoot and try various solutions to this issue).
  3. You can remove catalyst and drivers using CCleaner, then try installing the newest drivers again. Also, 12.5 drivers should be out soon.
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