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I need a really good sound card when I listen to sermons on the internet the sound is too low. Also i watch movies on the internet I do not have Tv. I need good sound I have a HP Pavilion Notebood dv8000 dv830545
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  1. If the sound is too low, ensure that all the volume controls are turned up... with Windows XP, make sure the master volume is up, but also make sure that the .wav volume is at or near max. If it's still not loud enough, invest in a set of speakers... the sound card has little to do with the max volume output and laptop speakers usually aren't the greatest to begin with.
  2. The problem could be that those sermons you are listening to are recorded at too low of a volume to begin with.

    As mentioned above, the speakers on your laptop are probably pretty weak. Therefore, look at buying some portable speakers. Some stores may have demo models so it a good idea to bring your laptop with you and listen to the various speakers to determine which you like the best.
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