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hey everybody,
I've ordered a new components for my computer which will be mainly used for gaming. some of them are: gainward bliss 8800gtx, 2gb kingstone 800mhz ram, intel core duo e6850, asus p5k motherboard. i haven't got enough money for better memory but i think this will do the work. my question is, how good is this motherboard? will i be able to play all new games with this configuration (crysis, bioshock, hl2 episode, 2 etc.)? thanks in advanced.
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  1. Although the P5K is the low end of the ASUS P35 series it will still suit you well as long as you are not OCing (mainboard and RAM may give you gripe if you do) This will hold up excellent in Bioshock and HL2 as for crysis only time will tell but initial figures you should be right there also
  2. thanks man. what is your recommendation for the motherboard? maybe p5k deluxe? and how big different will that make if I don't OC?
  3. Sweet spot is P5K-e... it has most features of the deluxe (minus 1 LAN port and come copper)

    Advantage of a -e board is the copper for better cooling on the northbridge. You will get better results out of the -e than the basic and youll get the extra features it brings also. In anycase OCing with the Kingston could cause some problems as its fairly generic (havent seen figures on OCing results).
  4. thanks again. i've ordered p5k-e. take care.
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