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Okay. I am two story's above my 2wire router. I am using a two antenna 3 dpi wireless card While gaming ill get random 2-3 second screen freezes every now and then. Moving my computer 20 feet from the router does not stop this. Only when i am directly hooked into the router does this problem go away.
My internet is 3001kps from at&t.

Using 32 bit vista but will be using 64 when i get sent the right OS...

My laptop two storys up never suffered from these problems. I am just wondering what is causing this? Maybe its my wireless card?

Anyways i am seeking answers and suggestions for

A. how to improve my wireless network
B. suggestions on new wireless cards if that is the borlem
C. Other methods of networking. Maybe how to cheaply route a ethernet cord to my basement? I am very new to this.
D. Any other suggestions you guys may have.
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  1. look into powerline adapters.
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