Display FPS In Game?

Ok, I looked around a bit, but couldn't seem to find the answer to my question. Is there any program or way to display the FPS in any game as it is running? I know certain games can display this, but I want to see my FPS in others.. Thanks for the help and excuse me if this sounds ultra nooby.
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  1. There is a program called FRAPS that will track your FPS for you. I know that COD2 has commands for it and that's what I use.

  2. Fraps, you can get it at www.fraps.com
  3. you can also use ati tray tool for this.

    Along with the framerate it will also show you (if you want it to) the temp of your card, fan speed, cpu temp..etc etc while you play a game.
  4. I downloaded FRAPS and it worked perfectly. Thanks guys.
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