i think most people have questions about 2 or more core cpu speed

hellow ;;

im having a travel looking at cpu speeds...

it is confusing to look at duo core speeds.

like Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 has 2.0 speed..
is that means one core is 2.0??
so if u add those 2 cores it will be 4.0?

im i right?? :kaola: :kaola:

some people is saying that this is true
and some people is saying that two cores add up to 2.0

im so confused....

if im right, then Intel Core 2 Quad has 2.4 times 4 cores which is 9.6?

somebody tell me the right thing... please
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  1. it means each core is running at that clock speed.

    no you don't add them up
  2. so its like having 2 2.0 core clock speed cpus??
  3. no, you are not multiplying the cpu speed by the number of cores, it doesn't work that way. for ex. e4400, you have a dual core cpu and each of those cores is running @ 2.0. for ex. q6600, quad core cpu that has four cores running at 2.4 each.
  4. It means you can do more at once at core speed. Each core will handle a thread, so you can run two things at once at 2.4ghz or whatever. If you have an app that uses both cores, then you can run twice the code and calculations at 2.4ghz. You might find some instances where it would SEEM like multiplying the speed, but in most cases you won't see it. The more cores, the less bottlenecks you have that stop your apps from accessing the fullness of a particular core. Just makes it more efficient.

    I think that's how it works anyway ;)
  5. " so its like having 2 2.0 core clock speed cpus?? "

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