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Does opening the mail containing them (on ie) infect the pc or the yahoo account? To be more specific, i was searching for a particular pic sent by a cousin of mine. Anyway, i clicked on a header with a paperclip, only realizing too late that though it was sent by him, the title said "juicy gossip read asap". Damn. His account was probably compromised.

Anyway, since this is yahoo mail, i was brought into the mail screen containing the message body and the preview of the attachment pics. I clicked back, promptly deleted mail, and did not open any more emails from my cousin.

I didnt open the thumbnail image and i didnt click on any link in the messeage text.could i have been infected or could i still have had my acct compromised due.to clicking on the mssage in the search results? Thanks
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  1. if you open an attachment it can potentially infect your pc. not your yahoo account. Please be advised that you cannot get infected by a virus by opening a data file like a picture, text file, video, etc. only if you run an executable like a .bat .exe .scr etc
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