help me overclock my 3500+ cpu

I am currently running an older AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Manchester and it's stock clock is 2.2 and I currently am overclocking it to 2.64 and when going to 2.7 it fails prime 95 within 2 hours.

I am extremely new to overclocking and want to learn a lot and get as much out of my old system as possilbe. I've heard to get the most out of your CPU overclocking experience you really need to know the memory but I really dont know so I need some help to get it beyond the 2.7 that i've been able to achieve.

I have CPU-Z and it say's my memory is currently at 188.6 MHz. If i'm not mistaken I assumed that my memory should be at 400? I dont know how to copy and paste info but the numbers under memory in CPU-Z starting at CAS# Latency (tCL) are as follows: 2.5, 4,3,7,12,1T,16. ARe those numbers good or bad and what can I do to improve them. I have an old foxconn Nforce4 motherboard that is very limited in what I can do compared to DFI lanparty (so i've heard)

So what is the next step on this overclocking adventure... be as detailed and specific as possible. I dont know much but am very interested to learn
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  1. Ok Hi!

    Don't expect extra GHz from your A64, since the way they are made means they don't overclock much. I would think 2.7 is going to be your limit, since 500mhz for an Athlon is good. Don't feel too bad about 2.64ghz!

    Well, basically, first of all, unless you have the memory set slower than 400mhz (unless your memory doesn't support 400mhz) you double it to get your true memory speed, so yours is running at 376mhz. This is OK since it's not your memory that is failing your Prime95 test it would seem, since 376<400.

    What voltage are you running your A64 at? And what are your temps, idle and load? What voltage do you have your memory at?

    Your memory timings are standard, but not great, you can always slacken them off (make them bigger) if your mobo allows this. This will allow you to push your FSB further.

    What are your system specs?
    What voltages are you running at?
    What are your temps @ 2.64ghz?
    What cooling are you using?
    What memory are you using?

    Download "Everest" it will telling you f***ing everything!

  2. Thanks for the input jon. I will download that program everest and see what I come up with. Isnt cpu-z the same thing or just as informative?

    I am very limited with my voltages as my mobo in the bios only allows me 1.55 volts as the max. I havent monitored my temps when I did prime95 but will this next time.

    Let me get that info and see what I come up with
  3. CPU-z is similar, but everest tells you so much its scary :|

    1.55 is quite high, my 6000+ runs at 1.35 i think...
  4. Yeah 1.55 is high. I dont know why older Athlon's run so much higher than newer X2 but they do. I'll download Everest when I get home and check it out.
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