Unable To Configure Outlook with Hotmail....

Hi Everyone,

I am having some issues setting up Outlook as POP3 for my Hotmail account. I have some issues when setting up the incoming server. I can receive mails but i am not able to send them at all.

When i do a test i always get the error:

"The server responded: 421 cannot connect to SMT"

My outgoing server settings are:
Port: 587
Encryption: TLS.

POP3 settings are:
Port: 995.
Encryption: SSL.
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  1. Just to add.... This is what i have configured above.

    But somehow when do try to send some test mails, I see that the port is picked up as 25.

    The server responded: 421 Cannot connect to SMTP server. ( Connect Error 10060.
  2. Yup. That is installed.
  3. Hi Hell_Storm, this tutorial video shows you how to properly configure a Hotmail POP3 account with Outlook : http://
    There are a lot more tutorial videos on this site if needed.

    Hope this helps.
  4. This website http://www.setup-outlook.com may also be useful since it shows you how to setup any email with any version of outlook.
    Hope it helps!
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