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hi guys
i wanted to ask u guys a question that i have bought 6 case fans. they have 4 pin molex connector, like a cd-rom. i wanted to ask that if i change those connectors to 3 pin one, which can be connected directly onto my motherboard. will this work fine or will i experience any problem. one more thing that my motherboard requires 8 pin connector from the psu but as i wasnt available with me, i have plugged the 4 pin one, the regular one. will i experience a problem or will it work fine. another question that will i be able to monitor the fan speed? hope to hear from u guys soon. Thanks.
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  1. these fans are normal 120mm ones. i dont think they are any power fans or something.
  2. You can use a three pin to connect them directly to the MB header and the fan (speed) will show up being monitored by the MB. Or you can use the 4 pin molex and run them directly from the psu. With six you can even chain connect them together from a 4 pin molex lead to the psu. You can bring a lot of fresh air into the case for the CPU fan to cool with. Use some for intake and some for exhaust to create airflow throughout the case and across the MB. 120mm are the way to go.
  3. Give us the specs of your mobo; I guess it'll work with 4 pins, but someone correct me if I'm wrong please.
  4. I thought OP was talking about this 4 pin molex to 3 pin fan adapter and running the fan from the MB fan header. If not, He can plug his fans directly to his PSU with the 4 pin molex they camne with.

  5. i have an asus p5b deluxe. and the only thing i wanted to know is that my fans has 4pins molex connector. can i change it to 3 pin connector so that i can connect it directly on to my mobo. thanks.
  6. Yes, just buy the appropriate adapter.
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