Msdscs.exe and something to fix it

Hi. My gaming PC suffered from some strange stuttering this morning. As it turns out, there is a process called msdscs.exe that copies itself some 1600 times and takes up all cpu power. This means it gets slower every second up until nothing happens at all. This happens in fail safe aswell.

So what I'm looking for is something that can boot the computer without this specific service.

I would unplug the hdd but I don't have a sata adapter.

I tried a couple of anti malware "usb rescue" programs from this site
but I only got AVG to work and it didnt remove the virus. Everything else is not recognized. (Do I need to have a third tool to make the usb bootable? )

So any ideas or input is welcome.
If all fails, I'm looking for something to boot from the USB so I can backup data and reinstal windows.
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  1. Thanks - but I still need some way execute that program, since I can't boot through windows..
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