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I need to make a motherboard decision as i will be ordering it next week. I am ordering a part a week and hopefully

will be done building my system by the end of next month. I already have an EVGA 8800GTS which is currently installed

on an older system and that card owns compared to my old 8600GT at higher resolutions, and i have an Intel Q6600

coming in today around 2:30. My next decision was the motherboard, I was going to order the Abit IP35 Pro which i

hear is a very nice solid board with the double boot thing, but then i thought about it, and realized that it doesnt

support SLI... And i went with an nvidia card so SLI is important for the future. What do you guys think? IP35 Pro or

help me find a nice SLI board?
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  1. Well ASUUS STRIKER EXTREME is the most expensive SLI board , but there are other solid boards like EVGA 680i or ASUS P5N32-E SLI or ASUS P5N32-E SLI PLUS , which have same features but @ lower cost(STRIKER has some extra features which wont be useful like LCD POSTER.....) , well i recommend SLI , if u play @ 1920x1200 or higher , if u dont then get that IP35 PRO its a solid board
  2. yeah, i wouldnt mind SLI in the future but my monitor is a 19'' CRT that supports 1600x1200 and i think my 8800GTS should be okay for now. I am a very big fan of Abit boards so i am leaning towards that, but the evga 680i would be my second decision. based on my monitor thou, what shall i do?
  3. If you are running 1600x1200 with an 8800GTs you don't need to worry about SLI as you won't see big improvements at that level.
    & by the time that you would be ready to buy a 2nd 8800GTS there will probably be a a new gfx card model that will beat 8800GTS SLI anyway ...

    Personally, I would buy an IP35 Pro now (indeed I have done so ...).
  4. Abit IP35PRO is a very good board , there are some alternatives too like ASUS P5K-E , GIGABYTE P35 DS3R , all 3 are good
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