Compaq will not boot from burned discs

I am working on a friend's PC and decided to reload WinXP on. The only problem is that I cannot get it to boot from the many WinXP CDs I have. From Pro to home, and from SP1 to SP3. Probably 5 discs, none of them boot. But the second I put a dell XP disc or authentic Vista disc in it will boot straight from it.

So my conclusion is that this PC will not boot from burned CDs. Any reason why?
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  1. Hi Newcomer and Welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1. Check & change the BIOS boot settings to boot from CD/DVD.
    2. XP OS cd's you are having may not the bootable discs! Have you tried in some other systems ??
  2. I know the bios is set for DVD first. I know it works because like I said, the official vista disc I put in booted up. Just my burned XP discs that will not.

    And yes these are bootable discs, I have been using them for a year or two on probably 50 systems.
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