nero not recognizing DVDR drive, nor win XP

I am trying to burn a dvd+r disc in nero. When I hit "burn" I get a new window that wants to
save an "image" instead of actually burning directly to the dvd recorder. I have the DVD R set as
the destination to burn to from within Nero; however the option to choose speed is blank and unaccessible
(dimmed out). So, I did click "save image as" and now have an image saved to harddrive. Also, I've noticed that the dvd recorder only shows as a E:\ CD drive from my computer, but does show as a DVDRW from system devices in control panel. Thus, it appears things aren't 100% the way they should be.

What can I do to get Nero to correctly recognize the drive in order to burn to dvd?

I have also tried to burn the files by using the Windows XP send to E: drive and then burn to CD.
The system allows the files to be chosen, but does not actually burn them either obviously since it isn't
correctly recogizing the dvd recorder as the E drive.

(Using Win XP SP2 and nero 5.5 something.)
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  1. What burner do you have?
    Look up and see if the manufacturer has any updates to drivers or firmware.
    Double check cable connections (basic, but hey)

    Have you always had this problem (ie just recognizing it)?
    If it is just recent. Most likely that a windows update is causing a conflict. Use windows restore....
    Double check if Nero has any updates for 5.5 ( i think they are on 9.# now)

    The almighty, full proof plan is to reinstall windows :)
  2. The brand is Pacific Digital 16x. Have not had this problem before. Moved this drive from another computer where it worked fine but never used Nero with it on first PC. So problem is in the secondary computer placement, where yes you could say have always had the problem. (First attempt using it in this PC).
  3. I hate to flame NERO but I think its junk.
    I uninstalled it and tried another prog. and had most of the troubles you have, so here is what I did.

    Delete NERO and all burning software. Then rebooted
    I then went to device manager and unistalled the drive. Then rebooted
    At boot just let windows (XP) reinstall (I did nothing) the drivers.
    Then I installed DVD FAB Platinum and have been happy ever since.

    Please note after I uninstalled NERO I had no access to the NERO took over everything and didnt give it back.
    I had DVDFAB before and liked it but I heard NERO was better so I tried it.
    BAD choice
    Now my setup is DVD FAB and windows burns my cds and all is perfect.

    If after uninstalling the drive and you cant watch dvds you may have to reinstall your codecs or dvd viewer. You may have been using NERO to watch dvds. I dont know what you use but I recommend the KLite codec pack.
    Then just use media player

    NERO has a couple of other options that can be worked around.
    Win AVI to convert AVI files to dvd (VOB) and either magic iso or power iso to convert or burn iso files.

    No matter what your system will be quicker without having to load all that nero comes with
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