Monitor Turns off after boot

The problem is that i don't know is it from HD or motherboard. Monitor works in the beginning of boot (ram check), but after that it goes off. But Win is started i could copy on/from HD by network. On other MB i could boot from the HD(Maxtor 6E040L0), so the problem maybe is not the HD. The MB is Albatron KX600. Also Monitor works with another PC. And in windows power options for the monitor is turn off-> never.Where is the problem ??????? I have 2 PC and the problem parts works on all combinations except in that.
Albatron KX600
HD maxtor
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  1. I'm trying the second method, but i can't run powerstrip in safe mode. What did you mean about networking. To run powestrip from another pc->how? i'm using version 3.75
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