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I have an HP dv6000 with a gig of ddr2 in two sticks of 512mb. Now if I want to upgrade can i get one 1gb ddr2 stick and have 1.5gb of ram. Will that work? What is it that I am thinking of that both sticks have to be the same size for it to work?
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  1. Nope, you should be just fine the way you said, its not the best way to go doing it but ya you should be fine. everyone else will tell you to get 2 gb and dual channel blah blah.
  2. You could get two 1 GB sticks and end up with 3 GB total and have dual channel too. Does your motherboard have 4 RAM slots?

    If you're using Vista, 3 GB would be quite useful.
  3. It's a laptop with only two ram slots and I am using vista. Which I have noticed would be very usefull.
  4. Crucial.com will tell you all the configurations your computer supports, what speed, and how much.
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