X1950XT - Pros/cons ATITools Vs ATI Tray Tools

What are the pros/Cons of using ATI Tools vs ATI Tray Tools in terms of:
(1) functionality
(2) Hardware/Software conflicts
(3) Any problems with installing Both (Only having one opened at a time.
Currently have ATI Tools installed. Operating system - BIOS controlled Daul Boot, Vista 32 Bit and XP Pro w/SP2.

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  1. Arrrgghh :fou: this is doing my head in i was only reading about it yesterday but i cleaned up lastnight and deleted history :fou: cant for the life of me think where it was i saw it B***** typical :lol: :lol:
    If i find it before i go mad i will post it to you.
    The crux of it was that the site thought the ATI Tools was better /more usable and has a very good artifact detection.
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