processor stuck to heat sink

ok heres the problem,
I went to remove my heat sink from a s478 and when i tugged on the heat sink it pulled the process with it(with out me lifting the zif lever),
all pins seem intact but now i get no post ??any ideas??
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  1. how did you put it back? with the heatsink attached and without touching the lever?

    You need to remove your heatsink from the processor and put it in the proper way and re apply the TIM and place the heatsink on.
    Good advice is to always wiggle the heatsink loose before you remove it completely. I've accidentally done this once before and my processor worked after it, might have been dumb luck tho.

    Just wondering why did you take off the heatsink?

  2. well i wanted to clean off stock paste and re apply new artic silver
    i even tried a diff process i still get nothin not even a post beep
  3. I had the same thing happen with an AMD cpu. It is best to turn the computer on and let the cpu heat up before trying to remove it. But anyway you are past that point. I was lucky mine worked when I put it back in. If you tried another CPU you may have damaged the mother board. That is unfortunate. Mess around with it some more before giving up. Good luck.
  4. If it aint broke, don't fix it........sorry, but the phrase really fits here.
    reassemble the Motherboard and CPU the way it was intended paying attention to proper orientation of the CPU pins, reapply a SMALL amount of Thermal Grease and reattach the Heat Exchanger.
    Then take 2 shots of whiskey and hit the bong while reciting your Hail Mary's...........Pray for Rain
  5. same thing happened to even bent the pins, i straightened them out after an hour or so. i guess i got lucky it still ran....are you using an amd cpu cuz thats what i had and it worked...
  6. ok got it running pure luck i suspect thanx all
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