please help with dual monitor and HDTV setup (ATI)


I am trying to connect my HDTV to my computer as a secondary monitor. I would like to be able to use either monitor, not both at the same time, as the TV is in the living room. So for example, if I want to watch a movie or play a game, I go to the monitor in the living room. If I want to do anything else, use the CRT in the office. But in the ATI control center it seems like my options are either clone the desktop or extend it. I don't want to extend it, obviously, because it is in a different room. The only problem with cloning is that I have to use the same resolution, etc., which I don't want to do. I want PC in 4:3 and the HDTV in 16:9 at the same time.

Is this possible without doing extended desktop where I would have a "larger" desktop spanning across two monitors? I want the same desktop on both monitors.

If not, is the best solution to simply set up a different profile in the driver settings for when I want to play a game, and switch monitor 2 (HDTV) over as the primary monitor and shut the CRT off?

Is there another way to do this? Please help.
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  1. Did you get any help? I am experiencing the same challenge now and trying to work through it.
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