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Hello everyone, I am typing this post to ask anyone if they could recommend where I should start when wanting to become a future Developer/Programmer. I am very young and I hope someday to work for a company like Google inc. I have looked at various languages in the past but have never found the right one that I could start with. So I guess what I am seeking for is information to give me a kickoff on my hopes and dreams. Like I mentioned I am still really young but in about 4 years I will be going off to College and am really wanting to become a "someone" out in the world. Some of my intentions include making a app that will communicate Xbox Live with the average PC desktop or Laptop. I think with my interest I could develop nice and cool Android apps that will make someones life easier by bringing the resources to them, when they are in need of answers. If anyone can just lead me in the right direction where I can start off. I have really never worked on any coding before, so you might need to explain some ideas and thoughts with me. Thanks everyone who looks and comments on my post.
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  1. the best programming language to start with is HTML, then CSS, XTML,visualbasic, javaScript,}
    i recommend a awesome and free site
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    that is great! its good to be dreamer and have passionate in something specially in programming and you will be good at it, programming is huge, and need experiences since you're young you need to take advantage of that.

    there are lot of programming languages, they are used in web in database in games in apps in security and they are ~50% the same like C C# C++ JAVA etc, if you master one of those you can easily switch to any other language, i was like you i have been asking my self where to start, dont get confused, you need to know that big companies need experience at least in one programming language, also 2 or 3 languages experience in your CV make you more wanted.

    you need to read and learn more about languages before you get started, use google its your friend search for famous apps and get to know what programming language have been written, read about web development HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP (its awesome to have a web site made by yourself), ask/talk programmers in your local area take advice and make friendships, if you have friends that interested in programming that would be great cause that will make more challenging between you and him.

    there are tons of tutorials about so many programming languages, as a beginner i would recommend to start with Python, its easy and you will learn the concept in programming, and from that begin with Java and C#, since you want to make apps in android and Xbox (Android is a java programming language / Xbox deals with Microsoft's programming language like C / C# / XNA), with C# start with Windows forms With VSExpress, and java you can download JCreator visit websites that talk about programming, like and, after starting off make projects, challenge your self, search the internet for project to make and challenge people, make schedules, after gettting into it, get linux as a second OS, learn more about it, Linux will make you program everything you want its a good way to practice, after 4 years from now you'll be like GOD when you get in a college cuz you already have programming background know what you want and what to expect after graduation.

    am a 4th year programmer guy, i begin to love programming before i get in the university, now am working on a game development project for PC and Android platforms.

    if you got any questions anything just post here and am glad to help ya

    Good luck m8!
  3. Thank-You for all of the information. Quick Question: how should I keep myself motivated, I can get distracted very easy (at least for now) do you have any tips on how to stay focused and make the job more enjoyable?
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  5. like i said, as for individual work:
    challenge your self, have ideas for projects and start doing it, like an example make a calculator in C# windows forms, make notes, sort your activities in daily work and organize your time in free time.

    as for team work:
    if you have friends that are interested in programming get more contact with them and challenge each other and work together.

    stay positive and avoid the negativity thinking like "thats impossible" or "i quit! its hard for me", the more you get deeper in programming the more you get addicted to it.
  6. Ok, so when starting out with Python, what tuts should I follow, any good beginning sites that tech Python? I already know of TheNewBoston, but his tuts are pretty old. Any new and fresh ones?
  7. youtube (am sure you can find new tuts)
    lynda's python 3 essential training
    Tony Gaddis, "Starting Out with Python, 2nd Edition book
    cbt nuggets
  8. cybervibin said:
    the best programming language to start with is HTML, then CSS, XTML,visualbasic, javaScript,}
    i recommend a awesome and free site

    The first three of those aren't programming languages ;)
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