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good morning all,
i need to find some sort of website building software(or what ever yo uwish to call it) the is to be used by 10 year olds what i am looking for is:-
object orintated
simple to use
supports video (with out the need for entry of html code)
Offline would be best
Not wizard based

i know i am being picky but that is school life for you

the closest i have got is Serif WebPlus and have just started looking at coffeecup

any advice would be wellcome
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  1. Err you want 10 year olds to understand Object Orientation to write HTML?

    Maybe Dreamweaver?
  2. lesson of the day dont post befor finnishing your first cup of tea in the morning lol sorry my bad should have put Visual based VPL style more drag and drop then code most have been having a hole in the head moment . so dreamwever is a bit over the top for what i want and not cheep for 50 - 100 copies

    have gone with coffeecup best education package for building web pages/sites have been able to find
  3. Ah that makes more sense. Glad you've found something that suits your needs.
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