Too few 3D06 marks with new chip. Experts, please.

New Q6600 chip added today; current stats are

Q6600 (stock for now), G0 stepping
Vista 32
MB- BFG non-SLI 650i
2 GB PC 5300 RAM
MB and VC drivers up-to-date

First run, all stock = ~9661 marks; second run Video OC to 700/1900 (from 600/1800) exactly 10,000 marks.

Several systems have similar configurations (Stock q6600, Vista, non-SLI'd 8800 GT, 2GB ram, no OC's) and the mark range was from 11,XXX - 12,XXX; an average of 2+K marks different.

Here is the best comparison:

The thing I've consistently noticed is that the CPU score (1933) is way below similar projects (around 3500) and that my project shows a FSB of 66MHZ (as does my BIOS on boot), however CPU-Z correctly shows the FSB at 266.

Every project is running comparable scores on all tests except the CPU test.

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  1. Iv'e heard of the 6 series nvidia boards having trouble with the q6600.
    have you tried a bios update?
  2. No, but I was able to resolve it last night. In BIOS, it had two of my cores as disabled. I enabled them and went on my way.
  3. nice, good job, your 3dmark should go up atleat 1000 points now!
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