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how to run a program in OFFLINE mode as if no internet connection is available even though other programs are using it?

for example: when i play NFS-HP, its autolog regularly tries to connect even when i play offline. Since i use a slow dial-up connection, it makes me wait for couple of minutes and this frustrates me. Also i have some background downloading which gets slower.

Don't say Windows' firewall can stop it. I have tried it.

Any solutions???
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  1. Windows Firewall should be able to help, but if not, the only thing I can suggest is to pause your downloads and disconnect from your dial-up connection before you play.
  2. that is what i always do.

    Windows Firewall allowing list contains the program file(*.exe) of nfs that cannot be unchecked from both private n public network, unchecking either does not work. After deleting it from the list when i play, face the same trouble and later finds that the file reappears in the list.

    Does any one has tried any other software to block........? If any of that works, pls inform me.
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