Does the CPU With Stock Cooler NEED Thermal Paste?

I have an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 retail, and I just wanted to know if a thermal paste is required. I know of the benefits, but wanted to know if it's required or optional. My case has many fans, and I do not plan to overclock.
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  1. Nope, the stock stuff does just fine.
  2. It didn't come with any paste though... can I still attach the heatsink or not without paste of some kind?
  3. I know it sounds silly, but did you check the bottom of the heatsink?

    -Wolf queries
  4. Paste or pad, it requires some kind of compound to transfer heat between the two metal surfaces.
  5. I don't know what pads are, but maybe it comes with them? When I look at the instructions, it doesn't show any paste being applied. When I look at the bottom of the heatsink, it's a copper circle with three grey strips on it... are these pads?
  6. I am looking at the unused heatsink from my retail e6750, and it has the Intel paste/pad on the heatsink, under a clear plastic cover. Thermal junk is 3 gray lines on the copper bottom.

    Remove the plastic cover, and place the thing on the cpu socket and push the pins in, rotate them, and you are done.

    They even include a paper diagram to show you how, titled installation instructions and warranty.
  7. There should be some material on the bottom of the heatsink which is the stock intel TIM (Thermal Interface Material). When you first turn the system on it melts and fills any scratches that might be on either surface. Look at the heatsink it shoudn't be all metal it should have a white or gray (I can't remember which) square of TIM.
  8. It does have the thermal material on the bottom (3 grey lines over the copper). Upon attaching the heatsink, it just melts on its own, and I don't have to spread it out or take it off to adjust or anything?
  9. No, just install it and it will melt and cover the surface.
  10. FTW!!!

    That thing in the middle is a thermal pad. Typically there will be some sort of film to remove from it before use. The size of it will vary, so it may be larger or smaller than what is pictured.

    Typically if you buy a retail processor it will come with extensive, overexplained (to the point of actually being confusing) documentation on how to apply any factory supplied thermal compound.
  11. I cleaned off the paste from my stock HSF of my e6750 and used arctic silver 5 ($6 CDN) and my temps dropped ten degrees C.

    I always double check the seating of the HSF.

    I used rubbing alcohol to clean.
  12. Lol. At least you noticed that there was paste on the stock cooler. I didn't know that and I also didn't know there was a plastic cover on it and it melted.
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