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Help. My computer after it said I had an malware and needed to run mw malware program. I did and it froze. I turned off the comp. It will not get back to the login screen. It has a blue screen with a message that if this is the first time this has happened restart and press f8. nothinlast good login, safe mood, nothing. works,
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  1. What was the malware program you ran?

    Malware, often times, will tell you you're infected. Then tell you, you need to click on it to scan and get rid of the malware. When all you are doing, is spreading the infection.

    Do you have a XP install disc? You may need to format the hard drive.
  2. If a malware successfully destroy the vital files necessary to boot windows no matter what you do it wont go pass the login screen. You can choose to repair the windows installation using your Windows XP installer CD. You can use CD bootable apps to backup files before doing so. Because if you format the whole drive you will lose valuable data you put it into that drive.
  3. It really depends on the extent of the damage.

    There's not much to lose by trying to repair the install or repairing the boot files. However, if the infection is widespread, backing up files could also backup the malware.

    If it was me, I would try to repair and clean up the system. However, it can be an irritating, time consuming process, assuming it even works at all.
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