A link to a poll asking if we need a Folding at Home subsection at Tom


Whether you vote yes or no please check it out

Thank you
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  1. Why not just have a sticky for F@H here? Why is the main thread still in the CPU section rather than here??
  2. Mainly because a sticky isn't good enough. It would just turn into another unmanageable 100 page thread. Whenever someone new joins, we have to repeat all of the basics and dig back through the thread for links and directions. In our own section we could have guides (stickies) and people could search through threads. Something like this: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=21
  3. It sounds to me that what you are describing is more suitable for a Wiki rather than a forum. Why not set up a Wiki and then have a sticky pointing to it in the Distributed Computing forum? That doesn't stop you from also using DC for discussions abot this and similar DC projects.

    It always pays to use the appropriate tools for the job and I don't think a forum is the best tool for documentation, instructions, links, etc. You really are making life difficult for yourself by cramming everything into one thread. With a little thought you could use even a forum far more efficiently than that.
  4. But stickies that are instructional under a section and closed like we have are useful ... are they not?

    We can move all of the FaHome stuff here and tidy ut up for you guys if you want?

    We probably need a new CR who is responsible to do the job too ... someone interested in the topic and who is positive and can mover that area forward ... and help the n00bs too.

  5. I nominate warmon if he is interested in CR
  6. A very valid point ijack, and something we will certainly consider. However, it seemed like last year the forum was encouraging in-forum guides. And the one benefit of in forum guides is that if people Google and find them, clicking on the link brings them here, which is more advertising $$ for BestofMedia. And I'm not saying that we must have our own forum section, even a bit of reorganizing and renaming could do wonders. I think that you agree having a distributed computing section buried in applications (no mention of team or community) and our main thread floating around the CPU section isn't the most logical organization.
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