8800GTX case compatibility

Thought these links might be useful as it was usefull for more. Lists common cases that are and arent compatible with 8800GTX

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  1. Good list of references.....the first says no P180 2nd says yes P180 :P
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Still, the intention is very good and appreciated. :hello:

    The P180 is in a gray area: the 8800 GTX will fit if you remove a drive cage and can live with fewer disks. Maybe one site finds this acceptable and one doesn't.
  3. Yeh first thing i noticed... i happen to have a P180 and i am getting the 8800gtx... I only have one HDD so ill be a guinea pig i spose to the 2nds statement. hehe
  4. My P180 has a 8800 GTX in it, and with the drive cage in place.

    I have since removed the drive cage to duplicate the Swiftech Quiet Power water cooled case, with all internal components, plus another radiator and resovior.

    Kinda suprised too, had to dremel my old Thermaltake Tsunami Dream case to get the gtx to fit, specs said it would, but needed another 1/4".
  5. @granite3

    Im glad you said that im extremely happy about that. Otherwise i woulda been buying a Lian-Li A71 and those things aint cheap
  6. I have seen pictures all over the net with it fitting too....

    Looks like as long as there is not drive in the slot right in front it will fit fine...
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