Problems with WinDVD player

WinDVD 5 keeps giving me a message about lowering my screen resolution and won't play DVD, but if I go to my guest account on the same laptop, WinDVD plays fine. Why ??
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  1. Im guessing you have lots of background apps or you video card settings is set to more than it can go - maybe it has same resolution but set to 16 bit. run directx setup to verify your computer can take video at that level.
  2. try playing the dvd with VLC player, which you can download here:
  3. download and install VLC player, see if it works with that;
  4. Thanks guys I found out what it was. It was Netmeeting running in the background. When I go to the guest account Netmeeting isn't set to run. When I shut down netmeeting on the admistrator account WinDVD plays fine. Thanks for the help.
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