8800GTX video card question

I want some feedback from some of you that have bought the 8800GTX card and used it as a single card for a little while before going SLI.

My question is, did you feel any performance gains in the actual game or was it solely benchmark numbers that you saw gains? I have the EVGA 8800GTX ACS3 Edition 768MB video card and it is truly a powerhouse but I was just wondering if any of you could actually tell any difference in the game after going dual.

I'm just trying to justify spending another 650.00 and losing some pci slots...
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  1. You need to be running high resolution display to see benefit from SLI. Waste of time at 1280x1024.

  2. Thats a good question, i was wondering the same thing.
  3. IMO until true DX10 games come out there is no reason to get one for your DX9 games unless you play at resolutions like 2560*1600 and you have things turned up...you wont see much of a difference unless its something like Oblivion outdoors etc.

    of course, that being said...early benches say that even dual 8800Ultra's are not enough for DX10 games...but that could just be due to bad code optimization in porting DX9 to DX10...who knows?
  4. I understand that you need to have something like a 30" display to fully utilize this type of setup but would it be a benefit using a 22" or 24" display?

    It would be good to get feedback from some of you that have actually done this 1st hand. I primarily want to know if you could tell any performance gains instead of benchmark numbers. Numbers mean nada if you can't tell it in the game play, to me that is.
  5. Its funny you replied during my reply and I didn't see your post until I posted again.

    I do play Oblivion. I plan to get other high end games as well. I guess until Direct X10 games are out in full bloom it will only be speculation.

    Any other opinions are still appreciated...
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