Logical disk manager missing

hey guys

im trying to format my usb key and in disk management my usb is showing as a raw partition, so when i try to format the usb, windows gives an error msg "logical disk manager: cannot find the specified file". i did some research and learned that i need to start the logical disk manager from services, but when i go into services, logical disk manager is not on the list.

i tried to format it on xp and the logical disk manager is there in services but my usb shows up as unreadable in the disk management.

i also tried using the hp usb format tool that also gave me an error saying there is no media in this device

i am in dire need of assistance.

btw its a patriot xporter xt 16gb sub key if that matters
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    Im sorry to say that your USB drive is most likely dead. *Moment of Silence* *Taps*
  2. damn it, i knew it deep down in my heart but i just didn't want to admit it. sob :(
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