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i would love to play my cd rom game on my laptop but can't. the game is called BIRTH OF THE FEDERATION, my laptop uses windows xp, the computer i used to play the game on was a packard bell clud 60. (windows 98)..already changed xp to windows 98 on the laptop still no change..must be something graphics card or something..xx
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  1. This may help
    At first glance, the game does not appear to run under Windows XP. However, this can be rectified by configuring Windows to run the game in Windows 2000 compatibility mode. Note that 1.0.0 BofF-CD won't work without an XP patch, while 1.0.1 BofF-CD will work in compatibility mode.

    Surprisingly, the game runs well on Vista; however, freezing may occur later in the game which is solved by clicking the Windows button twice.

    A more recent 1.0.2 XP compatibility patch is available here
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