Do i need Spread spectrum clocking/PM2 Mode?

I just got a raptor hard drive and i have an option of enabling Spread spectrum clocking and PM2 Mode. Do i need these? Will they help performance in any way?
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  1. I can tell you that the Spread Spectrum thing should NOT be activated as it could actually hurt your performance. It is for spreading out frequencies of your hard drive for the FCC or some such tommy rot. I can't answer about the PM2 thing yet though.
  2. Spread Spectrum clocking is a feature that lets your hard drives emit a certain frequency that is different from each other. This way they do not create interference with each other and mess up your data.

    PM2 mode, I have no idea what that is. Can anyone out there please enlighten us?
  3. PM2 is a power management feature. The info below originate from Western Digitals home page.

    The mode enables controlled spinup,
    mainly used for server/workstation environments operating in multiple drive configurations.

    IMPORTANT: PM2 mode requires a compatible BIOS that supports this feature. If PM2 is enabled and not supported by BIOS, the drive will not spin up and therefore will not be detected by the system.

    I've just ordered me a 500 GB Black Caviar disk... :bounce:

    /Anders - The Sourcerer
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