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Hey guys........I asked this everywhere else but no one can give me a straight answer so i came here.....

I want to build (1st build) a budget ($1000 max.....$700 best) gaming PC (for Bioshock, Crysis, World in Conflict, etc.) for the Pentium Dual Core (O.C. it to 3.2) and have room to add a new chip like Penryn or better in the future.

Does any one now what boards support the Pentium Dual Core?

I was looking on Asus and saw that most of them will support Penryn (natively or with BIOS update) but it does'nt say what chips it supports.

I was considering either G33, P965, P35, or Nvidia 600 series........which is better for etc. that is about $100-140

Thanks for your help
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  1. Get P35 or 680i , they are both better than P965 and G33 , but get 680i if u plan to use SLI ,if not , then go for a P35 board ,(both P35 and 680i OC very good )
  2. I do not plan on SLI (hence budget PC) but if I were to get the P35......which brand/model?

    Also, on other posts they said the P965/P975X is a better one for the money (save about $50-100)?

    And whats the difference between the G33, P35 and the X38 (when it comes out)?
  3. P965/975x are good boards but they are older than P35 , P35 supports new features , better OC'ng , new support CPU , PCI-E 2 Support.....

    when i saw G33 boards in ASUS site ,G33 has the features of P35 but the cooling of P35 is better ,

    about X38 vs P35 , well both support next gen 45nm CPU , 1333mhz CPUs , PCI-E 2 support , the main difference is that X38 supports 2x16 mode
  4. Thanks for the help Maziar

    Do u like one specific brand/model over another....asus, gigabyte, abit, msi etc.?
  5. good P35 boards are :


    there are many users in this forum who are happy with them , ( i am very happy with my P5K-E too :D )

    glad i could help
  6. well i think he means PENTIUM E2xx series (which are Core2Duos with 1MB cache )
  7. yeah maziar.........Im talking about the new E2140, 60 80

    the one reviewed on toms hardware........they loved it and it is cheap!!
  8. yeah , they are very OverClockable too
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