Games keep freezing or crashing to desktop with looped noise.

Hey all, i need some help. I have a fresh install of windows xp. It seems every time i play any game like Counter Strike Source or Battlefield 2 or others. After about 2-15 minutes playing (randomly) my game will most of time time freeze (lockup) usually with a looped noise. Or it will crash to desktop. I've tried everything i can think of so far. I've tried old and new video drivers, i've tried older and newer sound card drivers.i tried swapping out my sound card and using on board sound. I bought new more expensive Corsair memory. Updated DirectX. I don't know what else to do.

Please if you can help tell me what else i can do?

Here's my system

Intel Dual Core 6750 2.66mhz
2gb ddr2 corsair 6400
Creative sound blaster X-Fi Music
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  1. what is power supply are you running?

    Have you checked you cpu and gpu temps? - Get CPU-Z to check make sure you are running @(cpu may be lower if speed step is on) spec and check see what your ram is running at as well.... - This will check your cpu temps.... - This will you check your video temps(under target adapter click customize then hardware monitoring) - This will make your cpu work hard and get hot. Run Core Temp then this....see how hot it gets and post back. Also if this errors out tell us about that too....

    If you are worried about memory for any reason get this - go under free download.
  2. Also check your patches for those games.
  3. Your motherboard uses an Nvidia chipset doesn't it. Reduce your Northbridge voltage.
    I was having exact same problems with my striker extreme then I noticed my NB voltage was higher than peoples I was reading on the forums so I reduced the voltage and now no more freezing or crashing to desktop with looped noise.
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