Help with cooling issues

Looking for some advice concerning cooling.

Setup; No OC
Asus P5K-Deluxe
Artic Square Cooler
4GB Ballastic Tracer @ PC-8500
Apevia X-Infinity Case

Fans 3-80mm intake 2 front and 1 side. 2 exhaust fans 1-120mm rear and 1-80mm top. Along with power supply which has 2-80mm.

Using Everest Ultimate and SpeedFan 4.34 Beta 34 my temps at idle are;
CPU 0=55c
CPU 1=54c
CPU 2=54c
CPU 3=51c

Within 3 minutes of starting a system load test using Everest System Stability test the CPU jumps to 65c and all Cores show low to mid 70c's

Is this rapid temperature increase due to restricted airflow in the case or the cooler or a combination of both?

I have checked and reseated the CPU Cooler with Artic Silver 5 as per the instructions on their web site for quad core cpu's. No change in temps.

I would like to OC to at least 3.4 and have tried but the temps shoot up to the mid 80c's.

Any suggestions to correct this would be deeply appreciated.
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  1. do you have good airflow? You could be having dead zones interms of airflow.
  2. I'm not sure. I put a spot fan in last week to blow air across the mobo sensor and memory to bring that temp below 50c.
  3. Well, 1st up is to make sure your fans are blowing the correct way to insure good air flow. 2nd it to help airflow by hiding or routing your wires so that they dont interfere with air flow as best you can.

    Based on what you say you have for fans, it maybe that you are getting deadspots of airflow either from obstruction or your out take fans are not as powerfull as your instake. I happen to believe that neg pressure is better than positive. But I try to balance it.
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