Need help for choosing RAM for Striker Xtreme...

Hi guys!

Im planning to buy an ASUS Striker Extreme mobo... My only dilemma is that i don't know which RAM to choose for it: the CORSAIR TwinX 2048Mb DDR2 800Mhz DHX CL4 KIT or the KINGSTON HyperX 2048Mb DDR2 800MHz CL4 KIT?

My config will be like this:

ASUS Striker Extreme mobo
2GB Rams
ASUS Silent Knight cooler
Western Digital 500GB 7200rpm 16MB SATA
CREATIVE Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme Audio
FSP Epsilon FX-600-GLN 600W PSU

In the future im planning to add another 2gigs and another 8800GTX, so what do you think of the 600W PSU?
Is it enough for the single card config and only need to buy a stronger one later?

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  1. Dear szala
    If i were you I would certainlly choose the corsair with no dobt.cause the performance is obviouslly better.
    also about the PSu io suggest to use 700 or 850 W ones as you plan to double your VGA cards
  2. Thank you for your help!

    This list will help..

    If I was you I'd nab a Silverstone Decathalon 850 Watt PSU. It supports PCI-E 2.0 with a 8 pin plug as well. This way when you do get a new board in the future you can use the same powersupply if you wish. Try to stay with Tier 2 and 1. If you can get a Tier 1 go for it. They have a few choices in the Decathalon series from Silverstone ranging from 650 to 750 to 850 watt versions. This way you can SLI in the future as well if needed.

    I also see you're trying to collect all asus parts?...It may seem nifty but it's actually not the best idea. If you're getting a 8800 GTX get an EVGA model...Lifetime warranty as well as the EVGA Step up program. The step up program basically means you have a 3 month time frame to trade in your card for something better. You just have to pay the difference in price. If we do end up getting a new high end either it be a 9800 or a refresh of the 8800 (would probably be named 8900) then you can step up.

    I haven't heard much about the silent knight cooler. But I would recommend nabbing a Thermalright ultima 90, or Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme. Thing is they don't come with fans...But when coupled with one (they have brackets to mount your own fan of choice) they are the best coolers by far. If you get the Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme...grab this fan with it..If you are worried about buying your own fan and don't like the idea..Then you can nab a Tuniq Tower heatsink...which has the fan already built's just 1-4 c lower then the Thermalright Ultra...

    You can get this fan cheaper from other places though...Everything else seems good...BUT...I wouldn't nab those corsair sticks...

    These are also good modules that run D9 micron chips. If you plan to OC you want D9 micron. Corsair is beginning to switch out most their modules with IC chips which aren't very good for OC'ing. Whatever choice you make..Try to grab the model number of the modules you're interested in and give a google serach to find out if they are D9 micron chips.

    Not sure why you are nabbing a dual core though. But if you don't plan to overclock it's fine. But if you do OC grab a quadcore instead..The Q6600. It makes a lot more sense..Especially since the future of computing heading for multicore..May as well adopt the trend now and have this reg perform better later down the road. Software will take a turn for multithreading with time. Crysis is already on that route...If you do any video/editing/3d modeling work also then you will benefit with the extra cores.

    Besides that your rig seems fine. Although I personally find the striker extreme to be way too expensive and not necessarily worth it in my long as you want it then go for it...good looking rig so far.
  4. Thanks for your help Kamrooz!
  5. Anytime ^_^..I aim to please..

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Also to note...Any time you pick up memory for a mobo check to see if they're compatible. I gave the crucial memory a check earlier and they are...Are you going to be overclocking at all or not?.....

    Here are another version of the same modules..These just don't have the LED lights on the modules. The one I listed before does..This one is much more cost friendly also...

    They have a mail in rebate as well to save you even more cash. They are the exact same ones I posted before..These just don't have the lights and black heatsink...If you don't care about lights and looks this will get you far..same performance for a great discount.
  6. Yes, I think i'll be overclocking it later, not now, maybe in 6 months...
    The only problem is that I live in Central Europe where it is very hard to find Crucial Ballistix or Patriot memory. The shipment from CA could be expensive...

    I hope the Corsair memory is compatible with the mobo above... They used it in many tests with great results.

    Btw is it a good idea to add another 2gigs RAM later but from another manufacturer or shall i stick for the same RAMS?
  7. If you can't find crucial or patriot..There are other choices which overclock just as well. Corsair dominator, OCZ Reaper...These two also use D9 micron chips which are fantastic for overclocking....It's kinda hard to find every D9 though...

    Regarding mixing..Don't do it. It can cause issues. The one thing about ram IMO...If you are going to end up getting 2 more gb down the road..just save up the cash and buy them all at once. They might end up making revisions and when you come around to get the same modules again..They don't have them. Mixing ram is not the best thing. It can cause slow downs and instability..Although sometimes it can work just fine..But best to be safe and not run into a problem like that.

    regarding your issue being in this..Go around and find a list of all the memory modules you come across. When you get home..check the net to see which has d9 micron chips. Just use google..Type in the model number and D9 Micron into google. Read around and try to confirm if it has it or not. If it doesn't..Try the next stick....Also...Make note that only the higher up modules will have D9..Corsair value memory won't have it...Their XMS line is switching to IC chips now which aren't very good. The higher up the chain for each brand the best chance of getting d9 micron.

    Also..I would recommend to check on your motherboard which memory it supports. You can check their main website and find the information. I'm not talking about memory speed but QVL (Qualified Vendor List) or Memory Support..something along these lines. This will atleast give you a small list of memory modules that work in the board. But do keep in mind not all memory is listed. There are tons of modules that aren't listed that work just fine.....Which brings it back to the original idea...Just find out what you have around your area..use google to find out if they are D9 micron..If they are...check for compatibility through google..just type in your motherboard model and the model number of the ram...

    It's amazing how helpful google can be..You can pretty much find out everything...
  8. Thanks, then I think I'll be buying one of the lower/cheaper Dominators... It can be found almost everywhere around here.
  9. Wait..nevermind..Stay away from dominator. I was just browsing around some other forums I visit...A few people stated not getting D9's..But Promo IC chips in their Dominators...Try to stay away from them atm. Corsair has become really iffy lately..It was originally stated it was their lower tiered memory modules with promo chips....They are changing most their chips for cheaper solutions which don't oc well or last as long....Heck..Never recommending corsair
  10. :((( Then i have to stick at the G-Skill or OCZ RAMS... I cannot get Patriot or Ballistix here... Nevermind...
    Thanks for the info. :)
  11. np and sorry at the same time ^_^...Better to be safe then sorry...=P
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