Yahoo now forwards mail to Outlook,but doesnt keep inbox messages

Just like the post says, i paid to get the premium yahoo so i could forward my yahoo mail to my outlook..So im happy i can read and send from my outlook...

So when i go to my Yahoo,theres no messages in the inbox,(when i use the online yahoo version)

But i want them to both be the same...I want to see all my inbox messages read or unread in both outlook and yahoo.

Like, i didnt want to change my yahoo,i just wanted the ability to read and send w/that account from outlook as well,not as OPPOSED to..

How can i acheive this,or is this not even possible?
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  1. you need to adjust the settings inside of the email client (outlook) to leave a copy of the messages on the server when they are downloaded.
  2. I had the same problem.
    You need to create another IMAP accaunt connected to the same email account, then simply drag-n-drop messages in banches by 1-10-then 100.

    ready here:|ru&
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