Need advice on choosing a board... Thanks

Hi guys i'm looking at building a new pc soon (around december probably)

I've chosen so far the processor (Q6600)
and the gfx (8800GT X2 SLI)

Ram is most likely going to be OCZ not sure which model though...advice here would be helpfull also.

I'm just not sure which board i should use,

I'm a fan of abit (having a local supplier also helps)

also looking to be futureproof with all the new processors coming out next year...
if it's even possible with computers ;)

if your advice goes with another make, then it shall be, haven't really been keeping up lately with mobo makers so not sure how abit is doing lately, that's why your advice will be more than welcome.

Please keep in mind that this is a machine that will be OC'd.

Thank you in advance for all your replies, they will be much apreciated...
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  1. Hello mate :)

    For OCZ RAM get a DDR2 800 RAM with 4-4-4-x or lower timings, if u can get the Reaper Models they are very good and OC very well also have a very good cooling

    For motherboard, get ASUS P5N32-E SLI PLUS, its a very nice board and supports 1333MHZ CPUs with the upcoming 45nm CPUs
  2. Thank you very much, your input is highly apreciated,

    i just have one more question, i know it might not belong in this thread, but hopefully it'll pass,

    Do you think it's worth going with SLI, how much is the performance gains in terms of percentages?
  3. wow, that was informative, great post thanks, now i dunnow what to do :, i'll think about it and then decide, or maybe i'll get one and then later on add the extra cart, either way your help was greatly apreciated...thanks again.
  4. No problem mate :) glad i could help u :)
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