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Is there any software out there I can get that will aid me in organizing my Photos? I hav so many folders and inadvertently I have MANY duplicates of some photos, but with different file names. Is there software available that will analyze the images in the photos, and help me delete the duplicates?
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  1. Try this, it will find duplicate photos with ease.
  2. The free version is all u need.
  3. Thanks for the recommendation. I am looking for a tool that has the ability to recognize the actual content of the images rather than exif data. I used this program on a folder that has triplicates of the same photo set, and it detected not a single duplicate because the exif data is all different.
  4. Go to >>options>>More Options
  5. Make sure u have selected the same content too.
  6. I did. But it didnt even see a single duplicate in that folder
  7. Whats your content comparison type?

    byte to byte or MD5 or else? Use MD5 or the other.
  8. I am using MD5, On,y Checking Same Content, using only 1 Specific folder with known duplicates for now, Specified Pictures in the file filter
  9. Try to scan the whole drive.
  10. On my drive it found 270GB of the dup content.

    Pics, PDF's, some videos ...
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